Common Utils Docs


This is the documentation for the Common utilities of the Forkbeard project. Common Utilities contains common functions which are used almost every tool of Forkbeard project


Tuomo Untinen


   VERSION  DATE            AUTHOR                    DESCRIPTION
   8        18.05.2007      Tuomo Untinen             Authenticate returns -2 if already authencated
   7        17.05.2007      Tuomo Untinen             Add one line change on error case in findDevice function
   6        15.05.2007      Tuomo Untinen             Fixed doxygen documentation
   5        14.05.2007      Tuomo Untinen             Added functions: utf8ToUnicode, removeNonprintableChars
   4        10.05.2007      Olli-Pekka Puolitaiva     Increase takeOffStrangeMarks fuction
   3        10.05.2007      Tuomo Untinen             Fixed memory overflow in findDevice
   2        03.05.2007      Tuomo Untinen             Working version of common utils
   1        01.04.2007      Tuomo Untinen             Initial draft.   


The file rfcomm.c contains examples for using common utils.
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