bluetooth tools Documentation


This is the documentation for the Forkbeard team Bluetooth tools.

Antti Maatta


 VERSION    DATE            AUTHOR              DESCRIPTION
 3          13.05.2007      Antti Maatta        Wrote compile options.
 2          01.05.2007      Antti Maatta        Project mainpage and source code update.
 1          24.04.2007      Antti Maatta        Initial integration of the project.     

Compile and Linker options

   Common options
   Configuration type:             Application
   Character set:                  UNICODE
   Ignore all default libraries:   YES
   Subsystem:                      Console
   Machine:                        MachineX86
   Enable C++ exceptions:          NO
   Runtime library:                Multi-threaded(Debug)
   Enable runtime type info:       NO
   Warning level:                  W3
   Compile as:                     C code
   Browse info:                    Include all browse information
   Additional input libraries:     Irprops.lib      -   win32 bluetooth api functions
                                   Ws2_32.lib       -   winsockets
                                   uuid.lib         -   uuids
                                   strsafe.lib      -   safe string functions
   preprocessor:                   _CONSOLE
   debug specific               

   Optimisation:                   disabled
   Debug information:              Program Database for Edit & Continue

   release specific

   Optimization:                   optimize for speed
   Debug information:              disabled

   libxml specific
   Configuration type:             Static library
   preprocessor:                   LIBXML_STATIC 
   Warning level:                  W1               -   because of many warnings
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