RFCOMM Documentation


This is the documentation RFCOMM program. RFCOMM program connects to Bluetooth Device RFCOMM channels. RFCOMM can scan wether channel is open for OBEX or ATZ. RFCOMM can also connect to particular channel and send messages to that channel. RFCOMM also views the response in that case.


Tuomo Untinen

Program Usage

Program can be executed by RFCOMM.exe. Running without any parameters it will show help.


   VERSION    DATE            AUTHOR              DESCRIPTION
   10         18.05.2007      Tuomo Untinen       Fixed authentication bug with --pin parameter
   9          17.05.2007      Tuomo Untinen       Fixed duplicate authenticationFunction
   8          15.05.2007      Tuomo Untinen       Fixed doxygen documentation
   7          14.05.2007      Tuomo Untinen       Compiled with new common_util
   6          10.05.2007      Tuomo Untinen       Fixed memory overflow error in findDevice
   5          09.05.2007      Tuomo Untinen       Delay added in scan function before socket closing
   4          09.05.2007      Tuomo Untinen       Fixed bug when send data from stdin. Data size was 1 byte too small.
   3          08.05.2007      Tuomo Untinen       Scan now identifies right OBEX channel
   2          07.05.2007      Tuomo Untinen       Bugs fixed when closing sockets
   1          03.05.2007      Tuomo Untinen       RFCOMM in working condition
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