XMLPrint Documentation


This is the documentation for the XML Print of the Forkbeard project. XMLPrint can print XML style text to stdout. XMLPrint uses stack like buffer to make XML style text.


Tuomo Untinen


   VERSION  DATE            AUTHOR                    DESCRIPTION
   1        20.02.2007      Tuomo Untinen             Initial draft.
   2        28.02.2007      Tuomo Untinen             XML special Characters are now handleded
   3        07.03.2007      Tuomo Untinen             Can be compiled now as a C-code. Documentation added
   4        24.04.2007      Tuomo Untinen             doSpecialCharacters function can be called from outside too


Version 4 :
doSpecialCharacters function can be called from outside too.
When converting & characters into & XMLPrint also checks that
after & is not associate with other special characters already.
Version 3 :
Can be now compiled as C-Code. Documentation added

Version 2 :
XML special characters are now handleded.
Special characters are < > & " '

Version 1 :
Initial version



The files scanner.c and sdptool.c contains examples for using XMLPrint.
A simple example using XMLPrint.
    xmlprintOutput *output = xmlprint_createoutput();
    output = xmlprint_addtag(output,"LIST_OF_DEVICES","");
    output = xmlprint_addtag(output,"DEVICE","");
    xmlprint_oneliner(output,"DEVICE","PIN=\"0000\" NAME=\"CELLURAL\"");
    output = xmlprint_endtag(output);
    output = xmlprint_addtag(output,"DEVICE","");
    xmlprint_addtagvalue(output,"TESTI < > & '");
    xmlprint_oneliner(output,"DEVICE","PIN=\"0000\" NAME=\"Headset\"");
    output = xmlprint_endtag(output);
    output = xmlprint_addtag(output,"DEVICE < > & '","");
    xmlprint_oneliner(output,"DEVICE","PIN=\"0000\" NAME=\"Robot\"");
    output = xmlprint_endtag(output);
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