_BTConnection Struct Reference

#include <obex_def.h>

Data Fields

BTH_ADDR address
dword packetSize
int port
OBEX_UUID serviceClass

Detailed Description

Connection structure

Definition at line 59 of file obex_def.h.

Field Documentation

BTH_ADDR _BTConnection::address

Address of the remote bluetooth device

Definition at line 65 of file obex_def.h.

dword _BTConnection::packetSize

The maximum packet size supported by the underlying protocol

Definition at line 74 of file obex_def.h.

int _BTConnection::port

RFCOMM port number

Definition at line 71 of file obex_def.h.

SOCKET _BTConnection::sckt

Socket used by the connection

Definition at line 62 of file obex_def.h.

OBEX_UUID _BTConnection::serviceClass

The service class where connection is opened if port is 0

Definition at line 68 of file obex_def.h.

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