_ObexDataBuffer Struct Reference

#include <obex_def.h>

Data Fields

int bufferType
dword readOffset
dword size

Detailed Description

Data buffer structure used when pulling/pushing to/from memory.

Definition at line 160 of file obex_def.h.

Field Documentation

int _ObexDataBuffer::bufferType

Type of the buffer. 0 = read buffer, 1 = writebuffer.

Definition at line 172 of file obex_def.h.

byte* _ObexDataBuffer::dataPtr

Pointer to the data buffer

Definition at line 163 of file obex_def.h.

dword _ObexDataBuffer::readOffset

When the data buffer is used for reading the read offset from the beginning of the dataPtr

Definition at line 169 of file obex_def.h.

dword _ObexDataBuffer::size

The size of the data buffer in bytes

Definition at line 166 of file obex_def.h.

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