threads.h File Reference

#include <libxml/xmlversion.h>
#include <libxml/globals.h>

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typedef _xmlMutex xmlMutex
typedef xmlMutexxmlMutexPtr
typedef _xmlRMutex xmlRMutex
typedef xmlRMutexxmlRMutexPtr


XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlCleanupThreads (void)
XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlFreeMutex (xmlMutexPtr tok)
XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlFreeRMutex (xmlRMutexPtr tok)
XMLPUBFUN xmlGlobalStatePtr
xmlGetGlobalState (void)
XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlGetThreadId (void)
XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlInitThreads (void)
XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlIsMainThread (void)
XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlLockLibrary (void)
XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlMutexLock (xmlMutexPtr tok)
XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlMutexUnlock (xmlMutexPtr tok)
XMLPUBFUN xmlMutexPtr XMLCALL xmlNewMutex (void)
XMLPUBFUN xmlRMutexPtr XMLCALL xmlNewRMutex (void)
XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlRMutexLock (xmlRMutexPtr tok)
XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlRMutexUnlock (xmlRMutexPtr tok)
XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlUnlockLibrary (void)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _xmlMutex xmlMutex

Summary: interfaces for thread handling Description: set of generic threading related routines should work with pthreads, Windows native or TLS threads

Copy: See Copyright for the status of this software.

Author: Daniel Veillard

Definition at line 23 of file threads.h.

typedef xmlMutex* xmlMutexPtr

Definition at line 24 of file threads.h.

typedef struct _xmlRMutex xmlRMutex

Definition at line 29 of file threads.h.

typedef xmlRMutex* xmlRMutexPtr

Definition at line 30 of file threads.h.

Function Documentation

XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlCleanupThreads ( void   ) 

XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlFreeMutex ( xmlMutexPtr  tok  ) 

XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlFreeRMutex ( xmlRMutexPtr  tok  ) 

XMLPUBFUN xmlGlobalStatePtr XMLCALL xmlGetGlobalState ( void   ) 

XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlGetThreadId ( void   ) 

XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlInitThreads ( void   ) 

XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlIsMainThread ( void   ) 

XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlLockLibrary ( void   ) 

XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlMutexLock ( xmlMutexPtr  tok  ) 

XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlMutexUnlock ( xmlMutexPtr  tok  ) 

XMLPUBFUN xmlMutexPtr XMLCALL xmlNewMutex ( void   ) 

XMLPUBFUN xmlRMutexPtr XMLCALL xmlNewRMutex ( void   ) 

XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlRMutexLock ( xmlRMutexPtr  tok  ) 

XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlRMutexUnlock ( xmlRMutexPtr  tok  ) 

XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlUnlockLibrary ( void   ) 

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