_ObexSession Struct Reference

#include <obex_def.h>

Data Fields

void * appData
AuthenticationResponseFunc authFunc
dword connectionId
word maximumPacketSize
ObexSessionState sessionState
OBEX_UUID target

Detailed Description

Session structure

Definition at line 79 of file obex_def.h.

Field Documentation

void* _ObexSession::appData

The application data passed to authentication function.

Definition at line 100 of file obex_def.h.

AuthenticationResponseFunc _ObexSession::authFunc

Authentication response function. Used when the server requests authentication for the client.

Definition at line 97 of file obex_def.h.

BTConnection* _ObexSession::connection

Bluetooth connection used by session

Definition at line 82 of file obex_def.h.

dword _ObexSession::connectionId

Connection id returned by OBEX server

Definition at line 94 of file obex_def.h.

word _ObexSession::maximumPacketSize

Maximum packet size supported by the OBEX server

Definition at line 88 of file obex_def.h.

ObexSessionState _ObexSession::sessionState

The state of the session

Definition at line 85 of file obex_def.h.

OBEX_UUID _ObexSession::target

Connection target service uuid if given in open function

Definition at line 91 of file obex_def.h.

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